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Old vs New, but why does it have to be?

I hate to begin a blog by admitting to reading and watching the Twilight series, but here I go.

In the second Twilight movie, there is a scene where Jacob tells Bella she’s about to cross a line. In response, Bella tells him not to draw one. For some reason that line really stuck with me. Maybe it’s because lines are drawn all over our world. Seriously, we draw lines for everything: religion, politics, teams, carbonated beverages. With that one line in a movie, I had to think about the lines I’ve drawn and if there was any validity behind them or was it because I had been told to feel that way.

As a retreat approaches that I helped put together, I am wondering why the turnout is low. Was it me? The speakers? Spring break? Or is it because lines have been drawn. The “new” vs the “old”. Silly me, when I first began going to this retreat I thought it was just a retreat. I have found it’s not just a retreat to some. There is an order that should be followed, even guidelines. But why? I realize I’m “new” and was not privy to such things, but assumptions have been made that it’s something I should know. No one has shared with me the reasons or traditions. I’ve not been asked to join this “club”. It’s more like a sub-group of a club I joined by marriage anyway.

Regardless, I am going to a retreat and will have loads of fun. But, I’m going to miss out because the “old” will not be there. I need them. Honestly, they need me. We need each other. So, don’t draw a line. Or we all lose.

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