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Serving the Servant

June 20, 2013

During the last meal of a very busy local missions week, I sat with the co-captain of the kitchen crew.

She told me how the week had been, how much the kids ate and how long she was at the church each day. Since she and her husband were the co-captains, she mentioned what a trooper her youngest daughter had been throughout the week. The family would be at the church around 6 am and leave around midnight. I was exhausted just listening about all the work she and the family had accomplished. She joked that going back to work would almost feel like a vacation. And the plan for the day, even though there was normal everyday work to be done at the house, was to take a long nap.

It hit me then what a sacrifice her family had made in order for others to participate in a missions trip. Though they were in their hometown, able to sleep in their own bed, they had sacrificed. I suddenly felt bad. I had helped with one dinner during the week, but what could I have done to help their family? I can do laundry, clean, take a car to get the oil changed. I could have even offered to take the daughter for a day or two. I don’t mow, but I know people who do. There was an opportunity for people not involved in the actual missions week to give of their time and talents to help those serving that week.

The next time there is a mission trip or opportunity, think of ways you can help the families who will be gone on the trip. With a husband gone on a trip, a wife may need someone to mow the lawn or take the kids for a few hours to get a break. A husband may need help with meals or transportation for the kids. An older adult might need a dog sitter. While those on the trip could use encouraging texts, mail or messages, families at home could use the same.

What will you do for someone giving their time to be in missions? What will you ask help with if you are going on a mission trip?

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