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Sex as an Olympic sport

August 9, 2012

Who knew there was an official condom of the Olympic games?

I didn’t until I read this article this morning. Over 150,000 condoms were sent to the Olympic Village where the athletes stay during competition.  (That’s 50,000 more than the Beijing Olympics.)

As the Daily Beast wrote, “Averaged among 10,490 athletes, that’s enough condoms for every athlete to have sex 15 times over the Olympics’ three weeks.” 

I don’t know what you learned in health class, but I remember my teacher saying that when you have sex with someone you have sex with however many people that person has had sex with. I’ve always thought that was pretty gross to think about, but I also am a person that thinks sharing a toothbrush with my husband is gross. Back to the topic. Regarding the Daily Beast statistics, I doubt athletes have chosen one person with whom to have sex five times a week for three weeks. This doesn’t take anything into account of their lifestyle at home. Ewwww. (Note: As exotic as it may sound, I would avoid having sex with any Olympian.)

Years ago, we would have called these people “players” or “whores”. The terms were not used as a badge of honor. Between the years of high school and now (wow, 16 yrs) something has changed.

The V word

Think about some current athletes. Have you heard of Tim Tebow? LoLo Jones? The media has not been nice about their Christian beliefs regarding lack of antics in the bedroom. The word “virgin” has been spewed from the mouths and pens of journalists when talking about these well-known athletes. Why? Why does this subject overshadow their professional work? Is it so hard to believe that people would choose to refrain from pre-marital sex? I’m sure both athletes have had plenty of opportunities, but they have had the discipline and a clear vision of the bigger picture to refrain.

These people are different in a world that boasts sexual conquests or makes pre-marital sex look like the norm. Personally, I like people who don’t follow the crowd, especially those who do it because of their beliefs.

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  1. August 9, 2012 10:19 pm

    This is a bit shocking… Speechless.

    • August 10, 2012 1:55 am

      Yes, makes you think about the Games and athletes a bit differently. Unfortunately, once I read it I wasn’t so surprised that it takes place. I wonder what other things happen that people would be somewhat shocked to know.

      • August 10, 2012 3:13 am

        After I read your post, I shared it with a co-worker. He wasn’t alarmed since he was already aware. I tell ya. You learn something new each day. By the way, thanks for the follow!

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