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Tweet to Change the World and Imagine No Malaria

May 19, 2012

Tweet to Change the World

It’s here, our first Tweet to Change the World! It’s been exciting to see the prayer slots being filled (there are still more so don’t be shy in signing up).

Change the World is about changing our community (in this case Twitter), but also about raising awareness and funds for Imagine No Malaria. If you don’t know about Imagine No Malaria, it’s awesome! All money given to Imagine No Malaria goes to a comprehensive approach to eliminate deaths due to malaria. This approach takes the 160 years of United Methodist experience in Africa to work in full partnership with communities. The comprehensive approach of INM has four main goals: prevention, treatment, education and communications. It’s no longer just about bed nets. See an example of the comprehensive approach through pictures.

Malaria was eradicated in the U.S. over 50 years ago. Why is it still killing people today, mostly children under the age of 5? 

I never thought much about mosquitoes. They were just weird looking flying things to me. I rarely got bit. Now, mosquitoes love my son. And they are sneaky little pests. I won’t know he’s gotten bitten until a while later when the bites swell. I’m not talking about little bumps. My husband and son had gotten back from a weekend trip to the lake. My son had a large bump a little smaller than the size of a golf ball on his head. When he turned around (because he was tired of me messing with it), I thought his elbow was out of socket, the bump was so big. I knew they had to be incredibly uncomfortable and I really hated those mosquitoes for noshing on my boy, but I never once worried that he might get malaria. I didn’t worry that he might die.

That’s what parents worry about in parts of Africa, that their child might die from a mosquito bite. There are parents there who have many things to worry about. I hope by supporting Imagine No Malaria that parents will now have one less thing to worry about. 

Here are a few things you can do. If you’re participating in CtWTweets, consider using some of your prayer time to pray for Imagine No Malaria and the work they are doing. You can also give or ask people to give to INM. Let’s help spread the word that malaria does not have to kill a child every 60 seconds. When The United Methodist Church got involved in the fight against malaria, a child died every 30 seconds. Then it changed to every 45 seconds. Now it’s 60. Progress has been made, but there is still work to be done.

Here are some tweets to get your started:

Every 60 secs, #malaria claims a life in #Africa. What can you do in 60 secs? Give to Imagine @NoMalaria & RT.

Imagine @NoMalaria trained 3500 local workers to survey, distribute, install & teach ppl about proper bed net usage.

A #Twitter world of people unified in the fight against a needless killer. Text: malaria to: 27722 to give $10. Plz RT.  @NoMalaria #CtWTweets

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