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Back story of Tweet to Change the World

May 9, 2012

Change the World

I have plenty of thoughts regarding General Conference, but I will save them for myself or share them later (or if asked). I’ve got four years to ponder thoughts, actions and conversation, but less than two weeks to get this out.

It started on Twitter. I was getting tired of reading negative, hurtful tweets. (I may have contributed and for that I’m sorry.) I needed to move my mind towards the positive of The United Methodist Church (and really, we have many) and Change the World popped into my head. Change the World is about building community locally and fighting malaria globally. I had also read tweets showing the power of Twitter at Conference and got a bit of an attitude.

We could show them. We could show them how powerful Twitter is and what can be done using it. They could hear us through our work and be amazed it happened through social media.

So, I tweeted a question. How could we, a United Methodist Twitter community, change the world? @SocialMnstry liked the sentiment and a conversation began and others joined. A tweet chat later and we had a plan and best of all, we had doers. I’m an ideas person, but not a doer. By the next day, @SocialMnstry had a blog up and @barefootpreachr added prayer sign-ups.

The Change the World project is to pray for registered projects throughout May 19-20. You can sign up for a thirty minute shift or multiple shifts. Just sign up, choose a project and get ready to tweet prayers for the project, The UMC, friends, etc. during your shift. (If you don’t tweet, you can do the same on Facebook.)

The next piece is raising awareness and funds for Imagine No Malaria. This piece is a work in progress and I’d love to hear any ideas you have about ways to accomplish this via Twitter.

I know there are great conversations still going on about the future of The UMC, but I hope we can take a bit of time to participate in Change the World.

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