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Membership Vows

April 8, 2011

When joining our new church I had to agree to uphold the church “with my prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness”. While pondering these vows I began to think about all the people in my life that I’ve felt have exemplified these vows. I also thought about the stats I’ve heard that 10% of members do 90% of the work (or it may be 20/80). For so many years I’ve benefited from these wonderful people who give of themselves as Sunday School teachers, youth ministers, anonymous donors, testimonial givers, hand holders and prayer warriors, but I’ve not done much myself. Well, I’ve been present most Sundays, participate in occasional mission opportunities and tithe. Oh, and I started playing handbells this year though I don’t know how many would consider that a gift.

My point is that in all of that thinking I decided it’s unfair for me to be taking all the time. I’ve gotten over my fear of being the “traditional pastor’s wife” (I’m pretty sure they’re really a thing of the past) and took the plunge. I’ve agreed to quite a few things in the past year that normally would have been no’s (and big NO’s). The perfect example is teaching Sunday School. I’ve never, never, ever wanted to teach Sunday School. I still don’t (insert all the reasons like I’m not good enough, not enough time to prepare, I don’t know enough, etc.). But I heard from a class I recently joined that there was a teacher that basically burned out and left the class. When they asked for volunteers to teach I agreed to be one of several. I just don’t believe the responsibility should be on one person. As a lay person this is something I can do. I may not want to, but sometimes it’s not about wants. It would have been really easy to say no, but now that I’ve said yes I realize that was just as easy an answer.

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