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Bah Humbug with Hope

December 1, 2010

My husband is doing a sermon series for Advent called “Christmas Interrupted”. His first sermon was about Elizabeth and Zechariah. Thinking about that sermon and series title, I wonder if our culture’s sermon series title would be something more like “Shopping Interrupted” or “Skinny Wallet Diversion” or perhaps worst of all “I’ve forgotten what Christmas is all about”. To me, it does seem like the culture has totally forgotten the true meaning of Christmas and Advent.

Advent is the time in which we prepare for the birth of Christ. Instead, we prepare for sales and shopping, much like the woman in the Target commercials. Ok, maybe we don’t go that far, but camping out and mobs seem to be the norm.

I wonder how many Christians, if they thought about it, would be embarassed to think of themselves worshipping false idols. Can Wal-Mart be an idol? (A converstion coming soon: Where do you worship? Once a year I worship at The Temple of Wal-Mart.)

I don’t want to be harsh or judgemental, but Christmas just doesn’t feel the same. Every year, I start to get the blues right before Thanksgiving. It’s the holiday season ahhh-gain (I use my best whining expressions). Bah Humbug. But I’m not Bah Humbug about the birth of Christ, just what our culture (and myself) have made it. It’s an absolutely grotesque mess. I want no part.

I long for something more meaningful. I realize that I am responsible for my own “something meaningful”, but what are some things you do to keep the meaning of Christmas in the forefront of this holiday fury?

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